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Ted Flynn, Bruce Magner, Rich McKay, Bob Johnson and Jack Burke

At another hootenanny.  Rich, Bruce, Ted, Bob and Jack.

With Tom Paxton, folk singer and song writer a the Marist Teach In.  The Berrigen Brothers were there as well.  Bob is left of Tom, Ted and Jack are on the right.  The others were Brits.

Ted and Bruce without their shirts on on the side of the Pool Hill at Marist.  This was a place of many good times and many beers.

Farewell Concert

And yet another of the Frobisher Bay Volunteers.  White Pants? and Black Socks?

Practicing in the Cafeteria because the acoustics were great.  We did this many many nights until the wee hours.  Who cut Bob's pants so short?

A formal portrait.  Ties and Jackets?  At least they were kinda cool jackets.


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