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Frobisher Bay Volunteers!  Five men who sang themselves into a brief moment of fame, camaraderie, good music, travel and fun.

Speaking of fun, Rich McKay provided this little ditty of the Frobi doing the Can-Can.

This site is sponsored by Kaffe Magnum Opus, the magnum opus of Kaffe!  If you want some good jo from KMO click  KMO and come back.  There is a good story here, one that came from the greatness of Sir Martin and his exploration of the great Canadian wilds.

On to the Volunteers and the story of how they became associated with Sir Martin.

Jack Burke, Bruce Magner, Richie McKay, Ted Flynn and Bob Johnson were students at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York in the late 1960's.  Some were musicians, some just guys who somehow came together and produced great music for a couple of years.

Richie McKay, the last we saw him, was still playing good music on a pirate ship that sails every evening from Key West.

Jack is an educator and counselor in Buffalo New York and operated Career Blazers.  He is now retired and helping youngsters get to school and appreciate good jazz.

Bruce Magner passed away at an early and untimely age.  He is missed dearly and his high harmonies were unique and so impossible to duplicate.  

Ted Flynn is a counter of bean counters and married Donna, his college love.  He's an irishman from City Island in New York

Bob Johnson went on to play a one person concert in Teddy's  Bar in Killarney, Ireland,  where the locals danced for three hours and he was invited back to play in the Irish National Folk Contest.  He owns Kaffe Magnum Opus.

Sir Martin is Dead.  Long dead but remembered by all.  Actually there are T shirts and other memorabilia that commemorate his contribution to the Volunteers.

Frobisher Bay is cold and wet and large.  May it stay that way for a long time.

Here is a link to a site describing to a tee Frobisher Bay.

Frobisher Bay at Night on




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